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Choosing a System : ISO 9000 : ISO 17025 : GLP

The choice you make will have surprisingly little effect on the processes and procedures that you need to put in place.
All standards and regulators demand a formally defined system of management. These systems have many features in common.

All organisations, regardless of regulatory requirements, need to have processes for managing projects, priorities, resources, staff, materials, equipment, facilities, etc..

In all cases clear process definitions provide the cornerstone for demonstrating conformity to the relevant requirements. These process definitions can then be referred to by all staff and external assessors regardless of the particular focus of the assessment.

The choice ultimately depends on the nature of the business, the demands of the clients and the type of laboratory.

Choose for the Business, not for the Regulator

Your commercial situation, customer demands and the local regulatory environment will ultimately define which management system has the most value for your business.

Remember that the aim is to make your business more attractive to customers and more successful for staff and stakeholders.

If you have a well run business then complying with regulatory requirements should not be a significant challenge.

QUALITY FACTORS  can explain the differences between the requirements of each management system and how to make the most appropriate choice for your organisation.              +44 (0) 7803 148397