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ISO 9000 is an international standard providing an assessment model for a Quality Management System. Organisations can be registered as conforming to the standard by undergoing regular assessments by accredited third party auditors.

Its aims are to assure consistency in the quality of products and services combined with continual improvement in customer satisfaction and error rates. It also demands conformance to the relevant regulatory requirements.

It is an excellent starting point for new or established organisations to develop or improve their internal performance and efficiency as well as satisfying customer requirements.

The new version of the standard issued in 2000 requires a process approach to defining how the requirements will be met consistently and continually improved.

This means that you can ( and should ) structure the formally defined system and procedures in a way that addresses how the organisation really works.

This approach means that the management of quality becomes an integral part of how you manage the organisation and achieve its commercial and technical objectives.

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QUALITY FACTORS  will take  you through an assessment of your current status relative to the requirements of the ISO 9000 standards and guide you through a programme of improvements leading to registration and improved performance.

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