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Management Systems provide structure & integration

  • A Management System describes how you lead, manage and control an organisation to define and deliver its policies, strategies and objectives.

  • Specific Management Systems, such as quality, environmental, health & safety, describe how those specific policies, strategies and objectives are met.

  • An Integrated Management System means that you develop and define all the processes just once  -  just how they really work.  If you are doing the processes right then all the more specific system objectives will be met.

  • An integrated process architecture shows how all the processes in the organisation are linked together to achieve the objectives of the business.

  • One single approach enables the integration of all improvement initiatives, management processes and formal systems.

  • Bureaucracy is minimised when multiple management systems are eliminated.

  • Transparency is provided for external assessors and regulators when there is one set of defined processes that represent the real operations of the organisation.

Why Systems ISO 9000 Regulatory Systems Excellence Performance Measures

QUALITY FACTORS  can introduce you to ISO 9000 or the EFQM Excellence Model according to your business needs. An initial assessment can be made of your current management system against the chosen standards. A programme can then be developed to improve and integrate your policies, processes and procedures to meet the requirements in a way that really adds value to the business.

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