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The logic of long established processes is usually far from perfect.

  • The critical path to delivering results is rarely identified clearly.

  • Resources are not planned or prioritised for on-time delivery.

  • Bottlenecks and significant waiting times are common.

  • The optimum cycle time is not known.

Following the initial definition of a process the most obvious improvements are usually made fairly easily.

The process should then be more radically challenged to generate truly optimised performance and productivity.

The identification of the critical path enables the planning and prioritisation of resources to be targeted at the fastest possible delivery.

The elimination of waiting time, bottlenecks and under-used resources can have dramatic effects on productivity and cycle times.

The entire process becomes more reliable and predictable.

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Once your basic processes are understood and under control  QUALITY FACTORS  will help you carry out a radical challenge to eliminate lost time, optimise resources and significantly reduce cycle times.              +44 (0) 7803 148397