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Organisations are usually divided into specialist functions and departments. This provides a good structure for the development of skills and capabilities but it is not aligned to how the business achieves its results.

Most major business activities involve a sequence of steps in which the functional ownership changes as the work progresses from start to finish.

This is why business development, productivity improvement and problem solving are often so difficult when approached through the conventional hierarchy of the organisation.

The answer is to understand how the whole process operates regardless of the functional boundaries. This is how the organisation really works.

It is important to identify the core processes that drive the business results. These are the processes that represent what the organisation has been created for.

All other processes exist only to develop and support the business aims or to manage the resources required to deliver the results.

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QUALITY FACTORS  will help you define the driver processes for your business so that everyone in the organisation can see what is important to delivering the results.              +44 (0) 7803 148397