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Processes are how your organisation really works

  • Processes are the sequences of activities that take place throughout the organisation to make things happen or to produce things. They take inputs and use resources to generate outputs, ideally adding value on the way.

  • An integrated process architecture shows how all the processes in the organisation are linked together to achieve the objectives of the business.

  • Teamwork & efficiency are improved when clear and simple process definitions enable all functions to work together to achieve the business objectives.

  • Productivity can be radically improved by identifying the resources and the tools needed and by removing delays, bottlenecks and functional barriers.

  • Financial Results will be achieved more predictably with better control of operational and financial processes.

  • Risks can be reduced  for investors and stakeholders.

  • Training and communication are facilitated by process definitions that indicate roles, responsibilities and the tools to do the job.

  • Start up & high growth businesses are stabilised by developing a structured operational approach early in their evolution.

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QUALITY FACTORS  can help you develop a single process model representing how the organisation really works.  This then becomes the reference point for all business improvement programmes and formal management systems regardless of how many different stakeholders, regulators and accreditations are involved.

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