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Consultant Profile

QUALITY FACTORS specialises in business process definition and development (sometimes called business process re-engineering), quality management systems, laboratory management systems and continuous improvement programmes.

We provide a service to organisations wanting to generate change, to improve business performance and to comply with regulatory demands using a planned and structured approach.

The service is in the form of improvement methods and systems, project management, hands-on support and long professional experience.

Client relationships can range from short term projects to long term partnerships. An interim management service can also be provided.

Consultant Profile

The definition, development and improvement  of business processes apply to all parts of an organisation, whether technical, commercial, financial or administrative. The approach is equally valuable to product, service and laboratory based organisations.

A company-wide process architecture can be developed which links the activities of all parts of the organisation and provides a common platform for regulatory compliance and  a range of improvement programmes.

Formal management systems are required by many regulatory and customer organisations. Perhaps the best known is ISO 9000 for Quality Management. Laboratory, Biotech and Pharmaceutical organisations will be more familiar with ISO 17025 or GLP requirements. QUALITY FACTORS also recommends the *EFQM Excellence Model for a truly company-wide approach to improvement.

In all cases the objectives and priorities of the client organisation dictate the nature and scale of the contract with QUALITY FACTORS. We are not a "one method" organisation. The approaches and techniques used will depend on the objectives to be achieved and the types of problems to be solved.

* EFQM  -  European Foundation for Quality Managemen              +44 (0) 7803 148397